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Moodsnap "image-based music discovery"

Hi all,

this is the new app I've developed.  Need the right slogan that positions it's unique benefits simply and effectively.

Customer Value Proposition:

Music fans are overwhelmed by too much choice, and need help navigating the digital landscape to find music to match any moment. 

Enter MoodSnap, an image-based music discovery app that allows you to easily match music to your emotional state - how you feel, how you want to feel, and by what you’re doing. Unlike competitor music apps, MoodSnap’s experience is facilitated through a crowd-sourced library, offering users a collaborative platform to share, discover, and be rewarded for great taste.  With our photo-inspired music channels, matching music to your mood has never been simpler. By displaying a spectrum of life’s emotions, not in words, but in photographs, it allows users to feel what they want to hear, rather than search through exhaustive text based categories. This is a more human approach to music discovery.  Best of all, the listening experience is personalized to each users’ changing tastes, delivering an experience of utmost relevance. 

You can view images and get a better feel on http://moodsnap.fm.

Proposed Slogan's other than the descriptive "Image-Based Music Discovery":

  • Image-Based Music Discovery for any situation
  • Radio Reinvented
  • Inspired by Real Photos, Powered by Real People. 
  • See it. Feel it. Hear it.
  • See. Feel. Listen.
  • Great music, as you see it. 
  • Music - how you like it. 
  • Music for how you feel, how you want to feel, and what you're doing.
  • Music for any situation
  • Music discovery just got simpler
  • Championing Gut-Feel Discovery since 2013
  • Simplying Music Discovery since 2013
  • Because everyone sees things differently

Would love your feedback!



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