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Some of my favorite type of portraiture are the ones that seem to capture that unexpected, the inbetween, that impromptu moment. I'm all of a good set up shot but I am really drawn to uplanned photo. I think that's why I'm really drawn to Terry Richardsons work. He has a lot of great shots that you could just tell the subject was having fun, just being themselves, very comfortable infront of the camera. Some of his work seems like there was no clear direction of the shoot, and he just said "Do whatever." I don't really know his process, but he makes it seem so effortless and nonchalant. I also love the bold, high contrast, flash photograghy style he uses.

Along the lines of the "in-the-moment" portraits, here are a few that I really dig. 

I feel like these caputured moments tell a great deal about a person. They are not posing and thinking about how they are presenting themselves. They have let their guard down and their true self gets captured for the camera. 

I would like to try and capture these types of images. I think the hardest part of trying to achieve this is to get people comfortable enought infront of the camera.  Another thing is that I feel a lot of these photos are powerful because they are celebrities, and we are seeing them in a different light. I hope this can translate to everyday people to the same effect these do. 

Here are a couple recent portraits I've shot 




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