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Moodboard - "We are the Outsiders" by Needtobreathe

Below are some of my favorites from my pinterest board. Needtobreathe is one of my favorite bands. I have some words that I would photograph later. The sound of their music is along the lines of folk and rock.  I like the idea of incorporating old signage with lights since they always put on a good show with lots of interesting light effects. I love all their songs, but I picked this one because most people will relate to and know this song. I also love the meaning behind the song -- we are the outsiders. A little different than the norm.

I think this is a really nice illustration. I like how the town was incorporated and it has kind of an antique feel to it.

Below is my favorite. Love the lines in the background and the font of SASSY

Chalk Alphabet

sketches I have been working on. This has been alot tougher than I thought. I'm trying to practice beach letter beforedoing a final sketch. It has really helped me to copy some things I see online. Anyways all feedback is welcome :) 


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