Mood board

Mood board - student project

I have decided to mix up a mood board that would best represent who I am & what are my key aspirations as an artist and creator. 

I chose to analyze line, color and shape.

1. Flower image with white strokes outlining the petals.

I have always loved the delicacy of flowers. Its gentle form and overall shape translates the feeling of lightness & happiness. What caught my eye was the lines around the shape. Overall image is very fluid with light color and these solid strokes kinda wipes off the calmness of the photo by giving the flower a sharper form.

2. Deep green dot. 

Solid color that my eye can rest in.

3. Open space image in grayscale.

I love this image because of its dept and grain texture. It takes me only to glance at this galaxy and I can get lost in all the stars and little details. 

4. Line drawing of hand moving in water.

Because smooth & blurry lines creates a rhythm I can easily see the hand moving in the water. Also, this image let's me enjoy simplicity and contrast of blue & white.

5. Calligraphy note "Be a nice human".

Love what the note translates and the shape of the letters really plays the game. It's interesting to read and analyze. I like the colors, its contrast. In order to separate the background from individual letters the white line were added. It also provides depth for the image. Words give me a feeling of unity, as they are really well spaced.

Mood board - image 1 - student project