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Katie Leavens




Mood Swings

THIS WAS SO HARD! I didn't want to stop after 15 sec. There was so much left to draw...


This was my first attempt. There are some really bad ones. Look at those lips on Amazement, Excited only has one eyebrow, but worse yet, Suffering doesn't look like anything! But there are some I really like. Fear is definitely a stand out!

I decided to give it another try now that I'm a little more confident in the process. I read through Christine's project notes again and then gave it another go.


Well, I got eyebrows on all of them! Horror is definitely the stand out this time. There is an obvious improvement on my whole Joy spectrum. I like how Exasperated turned out, though it may be closer to Disgusted. However, I think Amazed and Fear got mixed up and Anger only looks mildly upset.

I've always been bad at illustrating emotions. I think this project really helped. And I think the more I do it the better I'll get. This will be fun exercise to add to my warm-up rotation!


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