Noir D'fault

Down By Dfault



Mood + Street Styles

I don't have access to expensive cameras or lenses.  I grab whatever I have access to, put it in my pocket and go out and look for vibes.  I gravitate towards street photograpghy and I am heavily inspired by the images of Bruce Davidson, Martha Cooper and more recently Wayne Lawrence.  I'm taking this opportunity to learn more about portrait photography. As another class member stated, it is an aspect of the craft that I tend to neglect as it requires patience.  Patience is something that has presented itself as my 'achilles heel' in this life and is something that I hope to someday master in my art and overall life. 

Below are a few images I am inspired by, primarily because of the their candid, organic nature.  Lastly, are a few shots I took  that draw from that inspiration.

Bruce Davisdon

Bruce Davidson

Jonathan Mannion

Wayne Lawrence

Martha Cooper

Ricky Powell


Mother and Child- Noir D'fault

Belladonna, Adult Film Actress - Noir D'fault

KRS ONE, Hip Hop Icon- Noir D'fault

Calling Downtown- Noir D'fault

Three Flights, Venice Beach- Noir D'fault


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