Mood Board

The following four photograpers are who have inspired me as of late.  Each of the four have totally different styles, but I find them intriguing all in the same way. 

One of my favorite professional photographers is Estevan Oriol. His photos may not be everyone's cup of tea but I love his gritty urban style. I also like the fact that most of his photos are taken with an old Canon film AE-1 camera and he doesnt post-process much

 The new kid on the block  - Nirrimi. She's only 19 and has been a pro for about 2 years but I don't care --This girl has talent! I love how she uses natural lighting and the way she frames her shots.

 My BIGGEST inspiration is Scott Schuman. I love everything about his photos. I especially like how he controls depth of field to seperate his subject from the background without totally blowing out the highlights. I wish I had the courage to go up to complete strangers and ask to take their photos. His site, the Sartorialist, has spawned so many copy-cat fashion blogs

The most controversial photographer on this mood board is Terry Richardson. Yes, he gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for taking pictures with a Yashica point-and-shoot camera, but his photos are so much fun! It looks like he and his clients have a blast on the shoot and it shows in his work.

Of course there is also Avedon, Ritts, Leibowitz, HCB, Doisneau, but these are the photographers I like at the moment. I would like to emulate something from each of them for my project -- Terry Richardson's sense of humor, Scott Schuman's eye for style, Nirrimi's composition, and the monochromatic stylings of Esteval Oriol.



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