Josh Gooch

Positive Vibe Technician



Mood Board

For a mood board I want to point to a couple of random sources. I have used a cover photo that is a self portrait that I have created of myself that has been used as bio shot for a couple of places that I contribute too. It's a shot that I created with minimal gear in my house out of neccessity. I don't see myself upping my gear anytime soon so one thing I hope to take away from this class is of course lighting, but more importantly just working with people and and agles to work with and just general knowledge in portratiture. 

One portrait artist that I have really began to like latley is Rich Burroughs.

I love all of his work from polaroid to digital.

Here is one take I captured of my fiance with my cellphone after looking at too much of Burrough's and Terry Richardson's work.

Beyond those ideas I always lean towards alot of digital manipulation with a real love of the work of Neil Krug latley.

His use of expired polaroid and just overall color manipulations that look hand colored is a look that I love.

The last peice here is a shot I captured when Tycho came through Charlotte. I wanted to reflect a little of his identity and showcase some inspiration that I took away from his performance with a dreamy and digital double exposure. 

So even though it's not a traditional portrait I wanted to express how I want to potentially learn a litlle about reflecting a little or a lot of your models personality.


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