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When I first enrolled in this class, I came with all these preconceived ideas of what I wanted to do.  After watching the history and ideation videos from the first lesson, I decided to abandon that and come up with something using the process outlined.  Honestly, it is tough to break away from the way I would normally do things, but I found this approach refreshing.  The most difficult part of it was not to search for the association, but rather, let it manifest on its own in new refreshing ways.  Here's what I have so far:


I had a stint where I would constantly draw octupi and squid.  There was something about the freedom in how organic they were that made them appealing to me.  And yet seemingly calculated repetition when you look at the placement of the suction cups.  It has kinda grown cliche though.


Randomly came across the pipe here and immediately thought to select it.  Reducing the detail to a single colored square is way out of my comfort zone.  I think the retro feel is nice though. It is really in these days.  Searched for more.


Been into a lot of Eastern mythology, specifically these two characters.  It was interesting to see the many different iterations of these two brothers.  Got me to thinking about creating pairs that compliment, or perhaps oppose.  Also, they have accessories, so it pushed my thinking a little further into functional pieces that play a symbolic role. I won't go too far into who they are, but just know that the one with the bag is Fujin, the god of wind and the one with the drums circling over his head is Raijin, the god of thunder

Looking above, you can see my thinking was starting to get too specific, so I looked at patterns.  Simply went in and found a few I liked.  I only posted a few here as not to bore others, but I tended towards scaley or overlapping circles/ovals.  Seems like a simple way to add texture.and color.

Miscellaneous Characters:

Kinda jumped back into intentionally finding specific things on a generic level.  Looking for different forms, body types, compositions, and levels of detail in various characters, assuming that I might want to move in that direction.  The model sheets are handy because I can look at how those various shapes contort and conform when posed.  Maybe I can go for something more dynamic.  ARYZ and Etam Cru are crazy awesome with colors.


Gravitated more towards the honeycombs than the bees themselves.  The honey color and the amber are just really pretty.  The amber is intriguing.  As pretty as it is, something that was once alive was encased and suffocated by it.  Crappy way to go.

I will pair them up tonight.  Just need to look at the images and make sense of them.


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