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Mood Board: Wonderfilled

This is my mood board. I was even inspired enough to come up with a title for it, Wonderfilled. Now as cheesy as this may sound, it comes with a sense of significance. I am and have always been inspired by nature, whether for its vibrant colors or just simply because I love the way the motion of my subjects hair can be captured with a simple gust of wind. I love the WONDER that is found in nature. I am enticed by the way everything just seems to know its place and role in the balance of nature. It's actually quite spiritual if you think about it. That being said, earthy tones were obviously the color scheme for this particular board. I have an incredible fascination with the work of talented photographer Jordan Voth (based out of Seattle). His work is exactly the kind of photography that initially drew me to the style of work I am in now. He deals primarily with the use of ambient light in the most delicate of ways. It is almost as if Jordan summons light and it just effortlessly bends to his will. The light dances enchantingly on the surfaces of his subjects and I LOVE it.

Simply Inspired, 

Elizabeth Okikiolu


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