Mood Board: Up Close and Personal

Mark Schoeller

I like Mark Schoeller's work because it's up close and personal. It's essentially a still mirror, and all of the subject's "flaws" are there to see. Features that are usually Photoshoped away are highly visible: wrinkles, scars, blemishes, etc. The in your face nature of the photos produces a very raw and revealing image, drawing you straight to the subject's eyes.

Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson does a great job of getting his subjects to open up and have fun. His ability to get protective celebrities to relax and let their guards down is admirable. His photos also show that lots of bells and whistles aren't necessary to take good looking pictures that capture a mood or moment in time.

Scott Schuman "The Sartorialist"

I admire Schuman's ability to capture strangers on the street. I have plans to travel the world and I'd like to be able to capture everyday people going about their day without hesititating to take the shot for fear of invading someone's space.


These are just some random photos I found while searching. Despite what the above photos would suggest, I prefer black and white photography to color. Black and white photos do a better job of capturing the mood and convey a world of emotion as well.


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