Mood Board: T-Shirt Design

Mood Board: T-Shirt Design - student project

Here is my mood board for a t-shirt design I'm working on.

Mood Board: T-Shirt Design - image 1 - student project

Here is my rough draft pencil sketch of the design. This design is for my own silk screening project. I do carpentry, illustration and I work a full time 8-5 job with school in the evenings to finish my degree with a wife and four kids at home. I do my artwork late at night when all the kids are asleep, and I want to implement "Workaholisim" in this design because I know there are many others like me.

 Mood Board: T-Shirt Design - image 2 - student project

Here is the tag I'm drawing up to silk screen inside the tee. Being Latino I try to add some of my culture in every design, so instead of "Made in" I put "Hecho En" U.S.A.
Mood Board: T-Shirt Design - image 3 - student project