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Mood Board - San Diego

I moved to San Diego two years ago and find all sorts of inspiring beauty and art here.  I think it's the perfect inspiration for my mood board.  I have a lot of photography I want to include.



I got started and couldn't stop!  The font is one I use for my web development business and orange just seems to be my color here in gorgeous San Diego.  

All of the photography is mine except for the closeup of the sisal rope. :)

I hope you feel the warmth and sunshine!


I decided to play with the pen tool and try another cutout.  Look what I learned!  

This is the original photo from which I was cutting out the dinghy:

After I cut it out and put in on it's own layer, I added a Brightness & Contrast layer.  Then made all layers visible.  Way cool.  I had to move the B & C layer ABOVE the dinghy cutout layer to make it work. 


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