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Mood Board For Pattern Design II

Assignment #3  Due 2-1-16 

9 section example of Hero print.  


This is my First Finished Hero Piece!! There are some issues with the lining up... I need to keep working to improve my Illustrator skills so I don't have so many technical problems. I will definitely re-do this when I'm done with the other pieces in my collection.  

Secondary Pattern; Seed Pods, two colorways... 


Secondary Pattern; Textured Ovals 


Blender Pattern; Twigs 


Blender Pattern; Patio two colorways. 


This has been an excellent exercise.  I can't wait to go back and re-do my hero.... WAY TOO BUSY, and TOO MANY COLORS.  But for the sake of the assignement.. here is what I have.  Still untitled, and no real story yet.  But I can now say I know how to do a REPEATING Pattern.... and masks.. esc!  I've signed up for the online class Module I that starts today with Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design.  I'll see youi all at SurTex someday I hope!  

Assignment #2 Due 1-25-2016 

This has been an exciting week, with learning Adobe Illustrator more and more.  And getting so much accomplished on this project.  Deadlines always make me compete with myself to accomplish the goal.  

My drawings are very simple, pencil and paper.  I've uploaded them all to my computer, and most of them have been digitized.  I keep going back to your first class Elizabeth to see how we did the technical stuff there... it's very helpful.  I LOVE using my new Wacom... it's just a small one but it works fine!  

I'm enjoying the process, and I have so many ideas... but not enough RAM, so I'm off to the Apple store first thing Monday am.  I have started working on my Hero pattern, but not far enough a long to post.

This is a wild and crazy artboard... not laid out as anything... just built it to hold my digitized motifs....... 





Assignment #1:  Jan 18

The theme of the my first collection will be; Handmade with Lines and Love. I can't say that is the actual title, but it will work for now.   The patterns will come from marks I've made or fabrics I've printed, or something "hand" done then photographed and illustrated.  .... it will be a distillation of all things I love.   My patterns will be complex, and colorful.  When I look at the Mood-board now in a bit more formal setting, I don't think my color palette is just right yet.  I'll continue to develop them as I get started. 

This is going to be so much fun!  

18 hours from start to finish on this board.  


Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.  


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