Monty Python Camelot

Thanks Jake! I combined some of your other lessons from .gif boss, kinetic text and animating shapes.

The sound clip is used is from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It's when they have their first look at Camelot only to be told "...it's only a model."

I utilized some positioning, scale and opacity animation with "Hello my liege" text. Then, I had trumpets move in from the right with a simple positioning animation to blow text away. I could use some more detail here, but decided to keep it simple.

Next, I used positioning, rotational and scale animation with the castle and three camelot expressions. Then, I used a 3d camera with the shrinking castle and "it's only a model. shh!"

Not as detailed as I would like, but got bogged down with different techniques and trying to make it all work.



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