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Montreal has a story to it

Montreal (Canada) is a never-ending book. A life of it's own. I wanted to demonstrate the different lifestyles this city has to offer from the underground tunnels to the peaks of Mont-Royal.

Yes, we have a mountain up here.

Each one of these shots had a story about them and that's what I love about photography. The story behind the pictures. 


Street portrait: 

This metro station is one of the busiest in montreal. It's legit a jungle during rush hours. And that's what I wanted to capture the most in it, the chaotic feeling ot it all. When I look at this picture, it reminds me of those mornings rushing to class/work. It's definitely a Montreal ritual of passage to get across the city.



I remember trying to take this picture and messing up at least 6-7 times. Then the metro would pass by and  I'd wait another 5 minutes for the next. As annoying as that would be, I was actually enjoying myself. It was fun trying to perfect an image, over and over again. I literally spent 30 mins doing this process ,until someone stopped me and asked for directions. It was then, in the middle of the conversation, that I seized this picture. 

It's funny how things turn out sometimes.


Look up:

This picture...well it's kinda of a sad story. I was walking back towards the metro when I got the text that one of my good friend's grandmother passed away. It was shock but yet, it happened. I remember reading the text that said

''Pray for my family, please. We need it.''

And that's what I did. I looked up and prayed for a women who I had never met but still loved through the memories of my friend.

Rest in peace Sebageni.


Night shots:

The best stories are the ones spent with your friends, your homies, your brothers. Those in-between moments of getting somewhere or doing something. Thank you Montreal for bringing together such amazing people in my life.

I took this shot thinking about those moments, reminding myself why I started making films/photographs. It's for the stories man. I live for them.

Why do YOU shoot?



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