Montre Livingston- Vibralux VOD Profile

Instead of a restaurant neon, I decided to use this as an opportunity to create a title card for a skate profile. As the art director on Montre Livingston's video on demand profile, I was looking for a fun way to display not only his name, but also all of the cities featured in the profile. Montre has an obsession with PBR, which has led to a relationship between him and the beer co. I thought a classic neon sign would be a great nod to the brand without having to use any of their logos. The director took some not so subtle approach to the intro (love you AJ), but all in all, things turned out pretty great.

Montre Livingston Vibralux Profile:

Initial Design:


Glow Design:


Neon Animation:

For some reason the embedded video isn't saving into my project, here is the vimeo link for the time being


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