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Monthly Florals


So I've started this project last week and I wanted to make it super special 'cause I'm planning it to be a Mother's Day gift. My first step was to choose a callygraphy style that suited my mother. She's not very into fancy writing, so I went with the one on the left:


(it's in Portuguese, being that we're both Brazilians)

Next step was to watercolour the flowers. I wanted to keep it simple and not very washed up so my scanner could pick them up easily.


So far, I've scanned all of this and vectorized the handwriting.

And... this is where I'm stuck. I do not own Photoshop nor Indesign, and can't seem to vectorize the flowers whilst maintaining the watercolour properly on Inkscape. 

Does anybody have any ideas or tutorials? It'd be much appreciated.

(btw, thanks for the great class, Amarilys! You're a great inspiration!)

Aaand, at last, this is finished!

I couldn't take a lot of pictures 'cause my mom loved it and snatched it away, but here it is a photo of the finished look. I asked a friend for help regarding the Callendar... Still got a lot to learn, but I'm pretty satisfied for now.



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