Monstrous Effort

I chose the monster class as the very first here on Skillshare but it took me a few weeks to get around to completing the project as drawing is very intimidating for me. I don't really know how to draw; as you can see from the pictures I lack knowledge of the very basics (shading, light, perspective) but whenever I open a book for beginners to learn, it suggests to shade an apple and I immediately zone out. Wish someone taught basics of drawing on cool things like monsters and cartoon heroes. :)

As a result I only ever get creative in photography, especially conceptual photography, so making up stories about monsters is less of a problem for me than figuring out how the hell to make them come alive on paper. 

In the end, though, it was a lot of fun no matter the result.

Out of several inkblots I picked the following:


In 99% of the inkblots I kept seeing animals more than anything else. The moment I decided to use the long line as a skinny leg, I knew the monster would have to be ridiculous. :) So this is the result:


I'm still not sure whether it's scared because it saw itself for the first time or because of its ridiculous attire. 

As I had to draw the head from scratch, I wanted to do another one where I could apply your eye-gouging procedure. Here's the inkblot I went with:


And I must say the eyes were a b****! I don't have the knife you mentioned (don't really know what the equivalent is in Czech anyway) so I was butchering the paper and when I finally popped out those two little bastards, they looked like a murder of mad crows clawed them out of the poor monster's head. When I re-attached them they looked pretty much 3D but I decided I liked the rugged look (well, what choice did I have, really).

So here's the monster:


It looked so pathetic, I decided to help it look more fancy. So this monster has its own jar full of butterflies that it uses as hair bows in order to feel pretty. :P

Finally, thank you for encouraging people to be infantile. :) I wish everyone could see the necessity of that.


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