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Abby Murphy

Marine conservationist, occasional artist



Monsters In My Head!

I chose to draw 100 monsters for this challenge. The reason I picked monsters is because I find myself drawn to fantastical monster artwork but really hit a creative wall when I attempt monster art. My husband and I plan to write and illustrate a children's book (he writes, I draw/paint) loosely based off of our dog who looks like a little muppet monster. I'm hoping I will find the insipiration and ideas needed to create a monster world for this book.


Monster board created on Pinterest. I tend to like cute monsters that are also a little creepy. I enjoy the use of a soft color pallete. The monster holding the icecream makes me want to create some monsters interacting with an unexpected object. Painting their nails? Looking in a mirror? A monster having a bad day because they spilled their coffee?


First few drawings of monsters including the mind map. I used various pens, pastel, and colored pencil. I really like how the ombre monster turned out -- foot monster...not so much. The "eyes closed monster" resulted in some interesting line play. Anyway, 7 monsters down, 93 to go!




Drawing on Post-It Page Markers



Typography Attempt

Here is my first attempt at typography with the "monster" theme. I used Illustrator and found a font that I liked to help guide me with the letters. I decided to add a shadow because monsters and shadows are natural associations (at least to me). I used light colors to make it more fun.






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