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Emma Kiiski

2D/3D Game Artist



Monsters & Heroes

I've been working on the first steps of the course, silhouettes and thumbnails. There's no bigger story to it, just practicing. 

Feedback would be nice :)

I decided to work on the guy with the gun, he seemed like an interesting dude. I liked all of these four designs but this one was somehow nice to work more on. I personally liked the rightmost one with the hat so that's why all the details.. :)

---- UPDATE ----

I accidentally started working on one of the thumbs, too, and got this result:

Out of these, I chose the last one to work more on, for now. I must stay the second round of doing this went much smoother. I was happier with the characters and I thought more about their backstory and purpose. That helped a lot! So the first one from left is kind of a maiden with a pet monster. The second one is a warrior type of a guy and the last one a huntress. In the huntress picture the monster needed a completely different pose because they are hunting.

Here's the result:


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