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Monsters Galore!!!!

Jan 28 2016

Hi Everyone 

I've recently left my job as a waitress so I can persue my passion, which is graphic design. I'm home for three months now and Im ashamed to say that my portfolio is blank. Sure I have student projects from long ago, But I feel I need something new. So when I saw this class I thought I'd give it a try and get back in the game. 

I choose MONSTERS and I asked myself why? first I  remember saying a lot to myself and others that yeah I can draw what I see (from art classes I took) but I've never been to good at drawing from my imagination. I like weird creatures and it seems like its gonna be fun and you never know where drawing a 100 of them will take you.

Usually when ever I do a project I like to do a lot of research from books and online, reading and collecting photos for moodboards and brainstorming with words. For the start of this project I thought I'd use my instincts and power of association. Pencil and paper of course

Here is what I came up with



While sketching these I started to write down all the characteristics I think make a monster : Sharp edges and teeth, dark open mouths, number of eyes. Monsters can be cute and funny or scary.I noticed I combine them with animals, I like a to have a story for them and a name (putting them into context helps)

Like a furry one eyed monster with one glass and his monster dog:


Hamburger Butterfly Monster. What a weird combination 


Monster Mountain


Black Star Genie of the Lamp Monster



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