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Robert Scholten




Monster Mashup

This was a lot of fun! One thing I really enjoyed about doodling was trying to draw as fast as you can, getting lines with speed. I really enjoyed these and will try more in the future. And yes, I really gotta clean my scanner :)


Here are my results, I just included a few here. I don't remember which one is which but I know the first one is the blind drawing. I tried drawing with markers, but I also found I was more freeer with a highlighter! Anyway, it all worked ok to scan lighter lines and live trace it.





When I made the final, I think I got a bit confused about the adding drawings together bit. I just layered them all in AI, but because I didn't want to sit and trace them all. For the color palette, I chose the renaissance one from the menu in AI. (Seeing them altogether, I don't know why there's so many waving hands!)


Thanks John for an awesome class! Hope to see more classes in the future :)


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