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Monster Maker

My first zine project started out as an illustrated collection of funny and/or completely bizarre SPAM comments that I received on my blog last week. 


All was going well until I looked over at a huge plastic bin in my dining room and thought of a different idea that I simply couldn't resist.  


 This entire bin is filled with drawings and paintings created by my 3 daughters (and this is only THIS week's masterpieces.)  In addition to this disaster, I have drawers and folders full of their best creations.  I want to save their artwork but could never figure out how to stop it from taking over my entire house - until now!!

I decided to create little themed collection zines of all my daughters' illustrations and paintings that I want to keep.  Not only can I rid my house of towers of papers, I can create keepsakes that we will treasure for many years to come :-)  Win win!  

The other fantastic thing about compiling children's illustrations into zine form is that I can easily share them with whoever I want (as that is the point of zines, anyway, right?)  I love kids artwork because it has no rules.  There is no right or wrong.  It is pure creativity without any constraints - and crafted for the pure joy of simply creating something.  I think that it is a great reminder that art can be whatever you want it to be.  

My first zine is a collection of my daughter, Juliet's, monster illustrations - complete with monster names and my daughter's descriptions of her creations.  






Here is the complete layout of the main portion of my zine:


The inside of my zine features a full-page bonus short story entitled "Mean Story" that my daughter wrote and illustrated (with a few additional word bubbles that I added myself.)  


I am really pleased with how it turned out and my daughter was really, really happy to see her work tucked into a little book.


My kids are now making their own zines and I'm sure that I will be the creator of many more to come! 

I had an absolute blast with this class.  Thank you!!


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