Monsier Periné's Andean Tour

Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - student project

Work In Progress (2/16):

Initial sketch, and a simplified version

Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - image 1 - student project

Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - image 2 - student project


Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - image 3 - student project

About me:

Hi, my name is Adrian Patiño, a graphic designer from Colombia currently living in Brooklyn. I am excited about this class and hope to exchange ideas with awesome people.

The Poster:

The band I chose for the poster is Monsieur Perine, a Colombian band who mix gipsy jazz with traditional latin american sounds, a rythm they like to call "suin a la Colombiana" (colombian swing). Their look is very handmade, sorta artisanal, and this gave me the idea of creating a poster with a traditional artisanal look and feel.

Suin Romanticon / Their tradiotional swing jazz sound mixed with some flamenco sound at the intro.
Sabor a mi / A refreshed version of a classic Bolero
Cucu / A cover of Coucou a Django Reinhardt song

They don't have many upcoming gigs so i came up with the idea of a fake tour through The Andes region.

"The Andes: the longest continental mountain range in the world. It is a continual range of highlands along the western coast of South America."


For inspiration I looked at the traditional art of the Andes. The traditional handwoven tapestries and rugs are created by the indeginous people of this area, and are a part of the culture all the Andes share.

Patterns:Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - image 4 - student project

Art:Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - image 5 - student project

Landscape:Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - image 6 - student project


Initial Sketch (first idea)Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - image 7 - student project

Second Sketch
Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - image 8 - student project

Typography: I wanted to keep the idea of a woven feel through the typography. The top one would be sort like a wool stiching with a handmade feel. The second would be a more geometric type with a feel of something thinner than wool like thread.Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - image 9 - student project

Sketches - 2/12

They have cover for songs from The Triplettes de Bellevie movie. This ideas is a bit inspired by that. Having older indegious women looking like the Andes mountains.
Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - image 10 - student project

Another sketch using the alpaca/llama as the main element. This animal is found through all the region and its wool is what is usually used for the tapestries.

Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - image 11 - student project

A new idea using a typical colombian vehicle, a 3 wheeled truck, which they use often in their artwork. Again the background would look like the typical artisanal tapestry.

Monsier Periné's Andean Tour - image 12 - student project

Adrian Patino
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