Monotype - student project


I spent a couple of hours playing with watered down gouache on a small frame of glass. I found some glossy style paper on the inner cover of some cheap sketchpads!


Monotype - image 1 - student project


There were a few elements that I liked so I have cropped them. I'm interested in elements of collage in my gouache designs so I might cut them up! I know it's all trial and error but I'm not sure how much you should press on the back of the paper as this probably destroys some of the intricate patterns? I'd love some advice on this.... The consistency of the paint also seems to make a big difference; not too thick and not too thin :-)

Also, I tried painting with gouache on top of some of these and found that the paint easily disturbs the print below as the surface hasn't really 'absorbed' the paints.


Monotype - image 2 - student project


I'd like to try out different papers and see what effects I can get. These two were on watercolour paper with inks. I like the soft blending of colours although there is no texture.


Monotype - image 3 - student project

Monotype - image 4 - student project


Thanks for sharing this technique Anna; it's simple (but not foolproof!) and a lot of fun. I'll keep experimenting.


I've edited to add the image below. The pale pink areas are where I wiped away some paint and I also discovered that you can scratch into the paint to add texture which I like!


Monotype - image 5 - student project