Monotype my style

Monotype my style - student project

I watched your tutorial and a few others.  These are the projects I ended up with.  The first picture is my inspiration for Floral Embrace.  The second is the mono-type using black watercolor, painting the watercolor on glass that was placed over the magazine page.  The third is the print after I painted it with watercolor (after the black paint dried).  The forth was done by placing the magazine picture under glass, painting with watercolors on the glass, then putting wet watercolor paper on top and burnishing with a spoon.  The larger photo shows the outcome.  I think I could have had the watercolor paper a bit wetting so that the paint would have transferred better.  Overall, I love this technique!Monotype my style - image 1 - student projectMonotype my style - image 2 - student projectMonotype my style - image 3 - student projectMonotype my style - image 4 - student project