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Monorail 10 Ways

This is a shot of a monorail going over the lake after passing Test Track I took this year, That's the Odyssey behind it. I love the EPCOT monorail pics but everyone takes it in front of Imagination since it's a better background. That shot you can only take in the morning for the best lighting and it's difficult to get the whole monorail without using a wide angle lens, which my iPhone doesn't have. My cover photo is the original, unedited shot.Not sure I'm happy about this one...

Streaking1st filter project. Finding my weakness is picking fonts and filters...


Text projects

I really enjoyed this because I'm NOT a good designer. Picking colors, fonts, and filters is not my thing and I'm a simple, classical type guy. I tend to use a few simple filters and the same fonts in the few apps I have used and they are usually limited in choices. It was nice to see apps used before I went and got them and had to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what I could do with each. I also liked learning how each could be adjusted and layered with another and use multiple apps to make one photo. My instagram feed will be much better now. Find me on most social sites as @mb168


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