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I started with a few thumbnails but most not worth showing :) I will keep this one.

So these are my shapes. Nothing very interesting, quite symple. I choose monoliths. I liked the shapes of the ones from the photo below. I struggle with landscapes, so for me the sympler the better. I will try to give them an out of this wolrd look to make the image more interesting.


The mood I am after: a snowy landscape with orange ground. Something like what is in the photos below. So I have been looking for orange moss to use their shapes as reference and for the colours later on.There are some strange things out there.

8 May 2014

Here is an update. I have redesigned a bit the thumbnail and started blocking in some colours.

9 May 2014

Another update. I have applyed textures and I am now starting to paint over them trying to blend everything. It is still not very consistent in terms of light source.I would say past noon with an overcast sky.

10 May 2014

Last update. I have added details to the foregrdound elements and tried to blend everything together. This is the point where I dont know if I have to keep going or not. I always get to the point in which every element or thing I touch makes it worse. So I am stopping here unless anyone has anything else to point out. Thanks! And thanks to Jonas for this 'symple' but very usefull approach to doing landscapes! 

24 May 2014

Here is an update following some of the advice I got to see what comes out. I think that opening the mountains worked. I also defined some smudged areas I had before and rearranged the background monoliths. I think there were too many before. Any ideas are welcome :)


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