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Colin Elliot




Monoline mayhem

Some practice versions.
I kinda like the mad inky one on the top left!


Used a neon yellow pen because i didn't have a paint pen handy
It had a chissel tip so I couldn't get the monoline look.


Here it is with some light shading:


Here it is with the hue shifted, and some darker shading:


The search for monoline
I found a paint pen and wanted to get this looking more even. No shiny folders available but had a shoe box that was a rad color. 


I like the 's' shape :


It turned out OK, the lines were more even but looked a little skinny & spaced out compared to the line width:


Scale and ligatures

Looking at it, the size of the letters didn't compliment the size of the pen tip. I wanted it to look kind of chunky. I also wasn't sure about the 'ga' ... Initially I thought the hard diagonal line on the 'g' was cool but decided to try and join it to the a. 

I tried again and did it at about half the size:


Looks a lot better! Some of those wobbles are from the corrigated bumps in the cardboard. ^_-


Added some shadows:


Final piece
One for my my homies Glasgow, UK !


On a flat color background:


In white, because it looks nicer:


Final thoughts
Could do better. The 'l' is too close to the G, overall it seems a little squashed and wobbly, but not a bad wee tag I spose. I'm sure there are some Glasgow writers that'd destroy this haha. I'd usually go in with a Wacom right after the initial sketch – Illustrator pens get very consistent lines! It's cool that this project made me stick with the paper & pens for a little while longer.  


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