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Monogram for website

I may have been a bit too eager to get going with this project (as it's my first one on Skillshare), so there's not much to document my research or sketching. I wanted a monogram for my initials (U and H) to use for my portfolio site, as well as something I could use as a sort of "signature" for certain projects. I had a pretty clear idea of a clean, minimalistic monogram in mind, but did however sketch out a few ideas before I found a form that I liked. 

I then took it to Illustrator to work out a symmetrical form for my idea and take it further. I decided to add a circular shape to the monogram. I came up with a few different solutions and here's the evolution of the form I then decided to go for. 

When I arrived to the one furthest to the right, it struck me that the broken up circle that formed my U also could work as a G and D (as in Graphic Design) on both sides, if I extended the crossbar of the H. I thought of this as a nice "lucky accident", and decided to go for it.

Here I put it in its context, as a logo for my portfolio site. 

And here I decided to do something more with it, just for fun, adding some mountains and northern lights since I'm Swedish, even though you'll find neither of those things in the area I live in :) 


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