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Nicola Rowe

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Monochrome activity & starter tasks

I have been really enjoying this class so far, there is so much I have learnt already! A big thank you to Ana for putting the class together and sharing your tips and tricks :)

So far I have done the starter activities including the gradient blends, washes, experimental play circles and the monochrome activity. 


I found the gradient blends much harder than i thought i would. I have used watercolour for a few years now on and off, but rarely use them in this way (i prefer to just put colour together and not worry about blending). A very good skill to learn and master though, so i shall try to practise this more often.


I had real fun with the experimental play circles. I used mainly Winsor & Newton pan watercolours with a mixture of acrylic inks, india ink, water and spray metallic inks. All of which gave some interesting results that i was surprised at.


Here are some close ups of the experimenting......


I particularly like the water and india ink, though i found it quite unpredictable at to the end result, but still fun!



Next i had a go at the monochrome activity. I love painting flowers and leaves anyway, so this was perfect for me. Again, i found it harder than i thought i would. I have difficulty using washes anyway, so this was good practise but also showed me that i need to not make the wash too thick and opaque.


Im quite pleased with the outcome so far, but would like to practise this a few more times to get better.

I am still working through the class, so im aiming to post more pics of the work i have done, as and when.....

Thanks for looking!


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