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Monochrome Pommygranate

I started out with a number of sketches, which I tend to do on car journeys,or when there isn't anything on the telly.


I was really keen to get started so I picked the simplest one and didn't even wait to add the colour.

I was happy with my results, but realised I need to take a lot more care on my line work in the sketch phase, as it's quite tricky to match up the colour and texture of the lines once the design is imported into Photoshop.


I played with scale and added colour and textures, (hard to see on a low res file) I used:

Top L = Curves; Top Center = Curves +Half Tone; Top R = Mosaic

Bttm L=Opacity adjustment; Bttm Center=Colour replacement; Bttm R = curves + Halftone

I think I like the Black and White version best.

I had a great time doing this project..I think it's addictive!!


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