Monochromatic landscapes (complete)

Monochromatic landscapes (complete) - student project

Monochromatic landscapes (complete) - image 1 - student projectHonestly, I thought we were painting grasses in the first project. Having done it myself, I still think it looks like grass, but I like it. The second one is my favorite, although I clearly need to go darker for the night sky. The misty mountains, as you can barely tell, were all painted with black. They certainly are misty. This is new paper, although I cannot prove whether or not it is 100% cotton because mysteriously, the manufacturer has chosen NOT to tell you. It does stay wet for a long time, but unfortunately, even when it looks like it's barely moist anymore, the paint spreads all over the place. I do like the birds and the mountain in the foreground on the right.

My favorite is the cabins in the snow. I might paint this one on bigger paper so I can frame it.Monochromatic landscapes (complete) - image 2 - student project

Monochromatic landscapes (complete) - image 3 - student projectMonochromatic landscapes (complete) - image 4 - student projectMonochromatic landscapes (complete) - image 5 - student project