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Monkeying Around

I was recently watching a documantry about a baby chimp that was taught sign language from birth (Project Nim), so I decided to do a cute little baby chimp.

Here is a look at the moodboard.

After a few sketches I went for this one:

I wanted to capture the cutness of the chimp, so ive put an emphasis on the rounded shapes.

I put it through illustrator and did a few attempts:

So far this one is the strongest, but im still not happy with it yet, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ok for my word mark, I aslo went for a fencing company (i really couldnt think of anything else). So I went with the letter M and a fencing company

The sketch that I did was so geometric that I went straight into indesign

maybe its too literal but I like the cheesy factor.


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