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Monkey flight

So first thing that came to my mind was jumping, right after that my second favorite animal which is the monkey.

Steps I followed:

First I looked at some images, created the moodboard.


I tried to get the core silhouette to start with.


But It was not enough to set me in the right mood. So I looked at some videos of monkeys playing, steeling, jumping, eating and so on.

That was the right way to get to know monkeys better. So I started sketching.


That led to three main sketches I liked. And I continued the middle one. The tail first looked like bird tail so I had to change it a little to match the animal I was trying to create :) I thought it looked like human so I had to change the face to ape-like face.s


And finally with little editing I got this one. 

Hope you like it. It was fun making it. Thanks for great class and inspiration.



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