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Bethany Kennedy

Digital Designer



Monkey Safari

The artists I've chosen are 'Monkey Safari'. Heard or them? They're an adorable German brother duo from small town Halle who, while producing their own tunes, run an electro nightclub (low achievers). Their music is upbeat, happy and funky with hint of tribal influence. Three words - groove, love and happiness. 

The EP i've choosen is called sensation, which is perhaps referring to the sensory overload within a club environment? Like how club's combine music, vibrations, overcrowding, lights and stimulants to make a surreal and sensory overload.  OK maybe thats just dranking dranks.

This is the Original Album Cover(which i have to say, i dont mind! Nice tribal patterns):

My concept:
I think i'd like to do something more superficial and fun. A vibrant, colourful scene with sun setting in a agriculturally barren desert. African primates are alert and hypersensory in their surroundings, aware that predators lurk. Mostly, if the word monkey is in your band name you're gonna have monkeys on the cover AM I RIGHT? The mood should be wild, silly, fantastical and unreal. 

The viewer is left with a feeling of happiness at this magical, energised and fun scene.

Moodboard (GOOD LUCK):


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