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Courtney Hahn

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Monkey Archer


So I was really inspired by this try try some non-human characters but I'm not super comfortable with more animals yet. I thought a monkey/ape would be a good place to start. Baby steps. 

Since the challenge was something fantasy I thought a good class to try would be an archer. It's a class that's kinda the same every time. I wanted something with long arms and shorter legs and that's what monkeys are! 


Early on I kinda knew what I wanted and I guess I need to start not doing that so much. I need to get used to exploring more rather than just thinking up the "cool idea" and going with the first one. I have a ton more ideas for the second draft and developing this guy more as a character.


I'm really pleased with the final result and I really want to expand on this design in the future.

Thanks for looking!


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