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Anton Lopez

Just Changing.





We wanted to create a space that showcased our works as a portfolio at the same time use it as

a store of sorts. Because having a physical space of brick and mortar was to be a bigger investment. 

So I hopped on the chance of creating a website for the all the creative talents that I'm with. 


Our whole philosophy is based on the urge for the human spirit to travel and it's need for adventure. 

That's what the Mongule is all about, we create to earn and then we travel to absorb different cultures. 

To draw inspiration from being an outsider in a foreign land, that puts to perspective that everything is new,

from fabrics, materials, patterns, landscapes, people and everything else. It put's you back to a childlike 

state everytime you gain new experiences.


Well the next feature I love about the site is the online radio we set-up through

We talk about the top articles on our site's Journal section. So it's a collected round-up of topics for the 

week. So just add a little beer, comedic personal experiences and some great music; you've got yourself a 

Mancave Radioshow.


Our store's main feature would be the deals of the week. Every month we'll be collaborating with brands

who are willing to consign some of their previous collections or products which are still in great quality to 

our "Deals of the month" section. As much as humanly possible we'd like to help businesses to sell their

stagnant products on our store for a discounted price at a limited amount of time.


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