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Money On My Mind

Money On My Mind
words + music: chi turner)

© 2015 ihc renrut publishing

Peace and blessings. My name is Chi Turner. I'm an artist from Vancouver, BC (Canada). This is a song I've put together for an album releasing Feb/Mar 2016. The song was recorded and mixed within the same room. Mastering was provided using LANDR.

My equipment list is the following:

Apex 435 Condenser
Apex 6" Single Screen Nylon Pop Filter
Golden Age 73 Mic Pre
ART Pro Audio PB 4x4 (RFI/EMI Filtering)
Digidesign 003+ Rackmount Firewire Audio Interface

15" Clevo P150EM (i7)
Studio One v2
Roland XP-80 controller

Yamaha HS50 x 2
Primacoustic London 10 Room Kit

Because I wanted the listener to reflect on their own perspectives of the statement, I thought providing a focused and simple rhythm backdrop would help. I wanted the kick drum to be present as core instrument without dominating the vocals, so I attempted to mimic the physical feel and sonic texture of a heartbeat. I used the keyboard and bass parts to help anchor elements of the heartbeat's interplay with the musical progression and enhance the "travelling-thru-space-and-time" experience I had woven into the lyric.

My original intent with the vocals was to keep them clean, with no effects, but it didn't sound nearly as delicious as I think it does now, swimming in oceans of reverb and delay. Personal taste.

Performing all instruments and vocals myself in a small boxy room did limit what kinds of sounds I could produce, but I'm happy the overall sonic feel I've achived. I think with this song, the room worked in my favor.

Now, hearing what the brother YG said on conditioning the windows and doors, I realize (because of my limited shoestring budget) that for my sessions, I'm at the mercy of my surroundings. So, if the garbage truck or the early AM partygoers are rolling through, or if the neighbours kids are having another playdate, or if the game is on in the next room, I'm hooped. Fortunately, I've been lucky with my timing more often than not, but this type of conditioning I haven't consciously taken into consideration during these sessions. It is my hope that as my career success increases, I'll be able to purchase one of those window plugger devices (see link here) and purchase a thick door that goes completely to the floor. The dream is obviously to have a dedicated studio, but...that takes time. :)

Anyway, hope you all enjoy. Looking forward to comments and questions. Please feel free to reach out at your convenience.




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