Monetization Plan

1) Affiliate Programs

I would like to use affiliate programs as a monetization stream because I feel that it would be helpful and add value to my followers and visitors. I'm planning on using the Amazon Affiliate program so that I have the flexibility to put affiliate links from a number of different companies.


2) Sponsored Posts

I plan on incorporating sponsored product reviews into my blog post line-up because I feel this would also work to add value to my followers and visitors, while still allowing me to monetize my blog.


3) Selling Products

After my blog starts gaining traction (and there's more room in my life for more commitment), I plan on selling some hand-made products related to my niche. Again, with a focus on added value to give my followers more to come back for. This would require a separate investment, so I plan on putting this in to action once I start earning through affiliate programs and sponsored posts.


4) Knowledge Sharing

I plan on eventually building a business related to my niche. Once I find success with my business, I would like to build an online course or several workshops related to building and running that type of business. This monetization stream appeals to me because I am an educator at heart, and I would find a lot of fulfilment in teaching about something I am passionate about.