Mondrian Homage - The One That Got Away

I got a little ahead because I kept watching videos. The cover photo is from my sketchbook done with watercolors. I kept making different designs with blocks of blue, yellow and white but had trouble visualizing without the actual colors. 

I'm not sure this will be my final draft but I will use those colors with black.

Using masking tape to make the lines precise really appeals to me, as one of my problems with trying to paint and draw is that my hands shake much of the time. 

It's rare that I draw with tools other than pencils and pens, with watercolor occasionally, in a sketchbook. I'm looking forward to using acrylics on a canvas for this workshop. 

The hardest thing about all Skillshare classes for me is getting on the computer to upload what I have done so I have some catching up to do.

My key words were vivid, happy and geometric. I slid off the geometric a bit when I personalized. I realized a lot of my doodling involves fish, so I opted for a fish for my personalization. Even though his body is basically an oval and his fins are semi-triangular, I'm not sure geometric descibes him.

My colors were blue, yellow and white, though the white was basically to soften the yellow.

Here are some drafts of my original plan.



Even though they uploaded as horizonal, the pictures I took were actually vertical. It wasn't until I turned the design horizonal that it started to come together.

Once I decided on the fish for personaliztion, I thought of blues on the bottom and yellow (sunshine) on the top.


Here are the sketches for the final draft.



The day I added my personalization my hands were very shaky and I was unable to make the fish an outline with body details. It was all I could do to get his outline as non-corduroy as it is.


I really enjoyed this class. It was the first time I ever painted on canvas. When I opened the wrapper,, the fragrance of the canvas poured out. I loved it!! I didn't realize canvas had such a delightful odor.

Thank you for a happy, new experience, Nicole. This was so much fun as well as educational.


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