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Monaco 75- First Time User_

No but really this is my first time ever using this software, and I am not only impressed with myself BUT the class as well! Brad is super helpful and very descriptive making it easier for me to work along as he teaches the course. I owuld suggest having a blank artboard as he goes along so you can try some of the tips out for scratch and not your actual project. 

I initially went through three different ads before I chose the final one that I wanted to work on. Initially, I had one of a littler girl and a bird on a coat hanger. Then, I chose the cover of "The Little Prince". I liked it but I think I was looking for something a little more challenging where I would be able to try out all of the tools that Brad taught throughout the course. Finally, I landed on the 75 Monaco race poster. It had both big and small shapes as well as a large amount of detail in various places.

The lines behind the car and especially the details on the castle and the car tires. I think after the video about shape building I was able to really get going and stop using the pen tool (which I will admit is very tedious but useful). I found myself trying to manipulate shapes to fit the shapes I claimed I saw in the photo. For example, initially for the bottom of the car, I was trying to figure out how to use the bottom of a pentagon and widen the angles. Couldn't quite figure that out so instead I ended up using the pen tool for the overall shape. I think I am going to add lines in order to get the design on the top of the car.

After I got the idea of it, I started working on replicating the color more and getting an exact fit. My poster seems to be a lot darker/muted that the colors I used. Is there a way I can mute the entire poster and make it darker overall? If so that would be great. I definitely utilized the "select same color" tool with the background arcs and the "sunrise" over the castle.

When we got to the typography section, I almost found an exact match. There are some minor details, like making the font letters wider. They seem a little narrow to me... Anywho, definitely used the "text as shape" tool inorder to individually slant the "M" and "A" in the poster. I realized that if you "Shift + C" the letters, then use the arrow keys that worked out a lot easier. At first, I think I was moving it side to side with the cursor was giving me too big of spaces. 

Here is what I have so far:

A few things: 

1. Ignore the artboard on the side, that was my practice sheet.

2. My racecar looks like it was drawn by a 6 year old with finger paint. It's a work in progress.

3. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I should attach the roofs on the castle. I'm afraid it will look like a bunch of squares and I'll lose the 3D look it has going on.

Overall though... I'M PLEASED! Since I have the outline basically complete, I am really going to start focusing on the details of each piece. 

Would love some assistance and insight! Thanks in advance!


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