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Mom's last minute birthday present sketch book

This turned out to be a great present idea for my mom's birthday when I was out of ideas and running out of time!

I used the following materials:

  • Front and back covers: chipboard from hardware store
  • Front cover paper: 120gsm white sketch paper with a protea flower drawn in black ink and coloured pencils (I wanted to draw on it so this was the best option I had on hand, but we'll see how the white paper wears over time)
  • Back cover paper: 160gsm yellow project board
  • Endsheets: 160gsm project board (front: yellow, back: white)
  • Signature paper: 120gsm white sketch paper
  • Thread: red waxed cord (this guy was all I could find in the waxed thread category of my local hardware store - I discovered when I got to the threading part that they called it cord (not thread) for a reason - it was really thick and I battled to get it into the eye of the needle and it took a lot more gentle force to thread into the signatures than I noticed Caleb was using with his thinner thread. Worth it though - the thick cord turned out really well, and nice to have as an alternative to thin/standard thread for some books)
  • Other helpful tools used: mattress needle, awl, cutting mat, metal ruler, high quality trim knife (all picked up from hardware store)

I pretty much follow Caleb's instructions step by step and ended up with a really great looking sketchbook (for a first attempt at least). The coptic stitching is beautiful and a huge plus from a sketching point of view is that the open pages lie completely flat. I'm sure mother dearest will love it!







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