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Victoria Ngo

Landscape Architect and UX Student



Mom's Home Cooking

I will be making badges of my mom's home cooking. She makes mostly Vietnamese food that I can't seem to ever replicate. My badges will represent my favorite dishes most requested when I visit my mom.


I'm planning to make one icon per category (appetizer, soup, entree, dessert). Still debating which ones to choose for each category. I'm also trying to figure out a way to simplify sketches into basic geometric shapes.


I played around with the shapes and color palette to try to get the basic shapes of the dishes. Looks like a view between top and perspective best shows each dish.


Played with a house shaped badge with colors split in half to get that badge look. Also made some revisions to the glass and bowl to avoid using outines. Still trying to figure out the shape of the dish identities and where to include the names of the dishes. 


Decided to do without the house shape and splitting the badge. Realized all my icons have a circular form, so they would naturally fit inside a circle. I wanted to keep the circle and names simple since the icons are already pretty busy.


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