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Momotachi, also known as Fierce Tshirt, was founded and is currently based in New York City. As our alternative name suggests, we make fierce tshirts. Their features include: 

• Made in USA
• Hand-sewn
• Comfy soft, patented premium vintage-feel fabric
• Smooth waterbased, eco-friendly ink
• Fierce Certified

Our shirts are a way of communicating an urban, downtown sensibility through text, laughter, design, and a commitment to details.

We are perfectionists. Every design goes through many edits, revision after revision until we achieve a perfect sample. From the surface, our graphic looks fun and cute, but many do not know the time and work that were put into each and every single detail, to the size of the character's nose or the grass on the sidewalk. Every design was well thought out and has a story behind it. (More elaborated information about our inspirations can be found in our interview on Runway Passport

We stand behind our values. We firmly believe in Made in USA products. We believe in supporting domestic economy and being self-sufficent within. We believe in fair and square working condition. We believe in quality, craftmanship, and being enviromentally responsible. It took us a very long time to find an American manufacturer that met our standards. It's sad to see the textile industry here is close to being nonexistent, which also makes production cost significantly higher than sourcing outside. There were times when we reconsidered going the different way to lower our price point. Ultimately, in the end, we held on to our values, and together we're bringing back American textile industry, one tshirt at a time. 

We're proud to be included in Save The Garment Center's Made In USA list


We always carry a very open, pansexual dichotomy within the brand. Due to the queerness in our aesthetic and language, our initial target demographic was in LGBT community. That direction can be seen in our promo video, which is very different from regular tshirt advertising and not so heteronormative, or by our press feature in Out Magazine. We also used only male model in our first campaign. 

As we grow, we're delightedly surprised to receive very positive feedbacks from female customers. One of our female fans happens to be a blogger. She created a post about us on her blog, The Young Eccentric. Our next campaign is definitely going to include female models, and other possiblities. 

Our lookbook contains 3 collections 

Japan Collection

Favorite Bitch Collection

New York City Collection 

Our linesheet was created to fit the regular printer paper size 8.5"x11" to make it convenient for buyers in case they'd like to print it out for future reference. 

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