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Mommy and Daughter clothing line

I'm new to fashion design, so I'm excited to learn what I can from this course. 

I'm really intrested in making clothes for girls and women. I think clothes for girls are cute, fun, and so colorful! Certain styles for women down play those fun and funky colors they used to wear when they were little. For me, I see little girl's clothing I would love to wear when I'm shopping all the time. I was at Target the other day and I saw a toddler's dress that I would love to have in my size. 

I started making my own dress designs for girls before I found the course. This is one of my first designs. 

Cute things are always on little girl's t-shirts, so I thought I'd try it:

Then I thought: What about mother-daughter almost matching clothes? 

There's more where that came from on my website. But down to bussiness. 

1. What problem do you want to solve?

Designing fashionable and fun clothes for mothers and daughters. The big problem to solve is trying to make clothing that immitates the daughters, but is not completely identical. I want them to go in a matching set, but the outfits themselves will have their own distinct looks, like the image above. 

It's really importatnt that the outfits relate, but are not cookie cutter versions of eachother. 

2. How are you going to solve it?

I'm going to do more research on girl's clothing, and look more closely at the lines that are doing the mother-daughter thing. 

3. How is it different from what's already on the market?

I've seen this done before, but the outfits mimmick eachother, literally. They are cookie cutter versions of eachother. This line will include outfits that relate, but don't mimmick eachother and are appropriate for the individual. 

4. Who is your demographic?

Mothers and daughters. Specifically young mothers  with toddlers and up.  

Mothers in their 20's and older. Girls 3 and up. 

5. How much would you pay for it?

I see this line at Target. So, around 20-30$ range. 


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