Momma Momma....There's Is A Pelican On The Roof

This project will generate interst and solutions to young children about our changing their enviorment through a fun and informative childrens book  Through the eyes of a child, Momma Momma...There's a Pelican On Our Roof, is a hard cover, illustrated childrens book giving insight to the hazards of multiple oil disasters across the world (especially the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico), without making them feel uncomfortable. 

With Patrick the Pelican showing up one morning on the roof of a house in South Louisiana, driping with oil and unable to fly, Sarah takes action to help Patrick and to do her part to actually change the world.  Little Sarah talks her Momma into a new more fuel efficent car and her Daddy into solar energy for their roof by the end of the book! 

I created this project because there were so many Pelicans struggling, dying, and suffering after the BP oil spill.  Inside back cover will have a dedication for all the VOLUNTEERS that helped save thousands of Pelicans and other various wildlife!

Make sure you like our project so we can get this book published and bring Patrick the Pelican to life!! 


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