Moments of Emotional Intensity in Florence


I look back at my time studying abroad in Florence, Italy as a critical inflection point in my life.  Over the 10 months I spent there I was lucky to get to know the city very well.  When I reflect back on that time though, its not the physical layout of the city that I think of, its the countless special moments that,  together, completely changed who I am.  

My initial vision for this project is to create a model of these memories that is based on the city itself and my experiences there, but also shaped by influences from italian renaissance art, digital representations of complex networks, and even the networks of the human body.


Why am I making this map? Who is my target audience?

I am approaching this project as an opportunity to better understand how my life experiences have shaped who I am. 

 My goal is to create an image that embodies the values and perspectives I gained while exploring Florence that will serve as a reminder and perhaps even a personal guide.

 In that sense, my primary audience is myself. As this is a very personal map, it also gives me the chance to show those who are close to me a more intimate glimpse of who I see myself as and who I want to be.


I am interested in eventually getting this map as a tattoo, and will keep that possibility in mind while making design decisions.  

Classmates, I would love your help!

Does this project remind you of anything that you have seen from the world of art that I could use as a reference?  Do any interesting methods of communicating these ideas pop into your head: layering sheets of vellum, creating symbols for different memories, taking a cubist approach and drawing memories from different perspectives, etc?