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Moments in the life of Frida the Dog

Frida is almost turning two years old. She is a dog that was rescued from the streets when she was still a baby. She's not a regular dog: she's crazy, jumps up and down all the time, runs around the house like mad. 

But she's beautiful. With her hazelnut eyes and black shining fur, she is adorable <3

The idea of this magazine is a way to learn how to use the mobile tools we have that can share content. So, I decide to start learning how to explore the tools with a subject I love: Frida!

Furthermore, we know that looking at pictures of cute animals make people smile, and can crush stress away. So, I want to help provide this cuteness to the world, bringing pictures of Frida and her friends (my friends' pets).

I want to change the language to portuguese. I'm also learning how to take better pictures (purchased a real camera) and treat them. Lots to learn!


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